Type Explorations

Experiments in three-dimensional letterforms, kinetic typography, and risograph animation

2021–now (ongoing)

→ Typography Design
→ Risograph Printing

Escher Typography

2023 (ongoing)
36 Days of Type 2023

I’ve always been fascinated by M.C. Escher’s impossible constructions that bend the rules of perspectives. For 36 Days of Type 2023 (April 10–May 15), I have been creating a series of animated letterforms inspired by Escher. Each letter, viewed in 12 different impossible perspectives, I then print on the risograph, playing with color combinations to emphasize shadows and dimension. The result will be a series of 36 letters and numbers, in 12-frame animations—432 unique forms. This was an exercise in extreme attention to detail, from breaking down a letter into 3-dimensional components to ordering a sequence of frames that orbit through different imagined perspectives in imagined physical space. 



Kinetic typography visualizing the tones signified by accent marks, or diacritics, used in Vietnamese.

Lunar New Year


Channeling emotions during Lunar New Year 2021—the middle of a pandemic, apart from my family, amidst a wave of anti-Asian hate.

Graphic Design | Typography