Introducing Postcard Thing

To introduce our design solution, we created a new feature rollout story à la Spotify’s highly-anticipated annual Wrapped feature (which conveniently released as we were building our prototypes).

Postcard Thing (whose name is inspired by Spotify’s Car Thing) embodies the joy and social connection sparked by the sharing of a mixtape. It’s a mailed postcard, designed with Spotify’s signature bold, loud, colorful DNA, carrying a Spotify Code to a unique mix that the sender has curated. It’s also a new product feature in the Spotify app through which users can send Postcards and listen to Postcard mixes in their Library.

Unlike a typical playlist, a Postcard Thing can carry a maximum of 12 songs, and tracks can’t be added or removed once it’s sent in the mail. Each mix is played in its original order—no Shuffle Play allowed—giving the sender more creative ownership over the end-to-end listening experience.

Postcard Thing adds an analog touch to today’s digital listening experience.
Mobile UI/UX Design