Competitive Research

While researching the competitive landscape that our location fits into, we found three flaws in existing solutions.

The first is that nostalgia-driven services like Timehop aren't all that popular because their use case is too limited. You can't create content on Timehop, you can only collect content you create on other platforms.

Next, we did of course consider the fact that it's unlikely that people would leave their phones behind on vacation. Travelers' willingness to carry around an additional device on their travels was a key trait we wanted to test for, and our research confirmed that users found value in being able to use Breadcrumb to document their travels without relying on their phone. But there's a more practical reason for Breadcrumb's functionality to exist separate from a phone. There already exist many apps with a similar goal of Breadcrumb as a location journaling tool—one of the most well-known examples is the app Swarm, developed by Foursquare. We found in our market research that the most common complaints about Swarm included a cluttered UI with low-value features, and battery consumption due to constantly running in the background to track the user's location.

Lastly, the easiest way to record audio snippets is through Apple Voice Memos, but there's no good way to organize that data. We implemented Breadcrumb with features that allow you to organize, transcribe and augment your audio recordings with notes and tags.
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