Research Insights

The last trend that we wanted to explore through our product was the explosion of audio-based content in the tech industry, with the popularity of podcasts, apps like Clubhouse, and the frequent use of voice memos and audio messages as a way to communicate—a habit that we noticed among our younger research participants—so that who you're talking to can hear the nuances of pauses, emotion, and sarcasm that gets missed with text messages. New entrants in the audio space are following a pattern established by giants like Twitter and Tumblr, which removed the complexity of blogging, simplifying longform posts into easily publishable short text snippets, and Tiktok, where everyone can be a video creator. We wanted to make creating audio content more approachable.

Breadcrumb’s philosophy is rooted in recent trends of social media users moving away from ultra-curated, high-quality content to document real life without the demands of an audience in mind.
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