Research Insights

We found in our research that when travelers are planning their trips, they'll typically initially use the standard review apps like Yelp and Google Maps. But those platforms can be overwhelming, and most travelers would agree that sometimes recommendations that feel like they’re coming from a friend or family member who knows you personally, and who has first hand, reliable experience of where you're going, can alleviate the burden of parsing through Yelp suggestions.

But when you're the person sharing those recommendations, it can be a pain to jog your memory of your favorite spots from a trip you took years ago. Even if you're in the habit of saving your location history on Google or Apple Maps, those UIs are built more for record keeping than for sharing. When you're sharing a saved map with a friend, they get a cluster of random pins, and don't get the context of knowing for example that this restaurant is the one you went to for your anniversary dinner.
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