In a post-pandemic world, the line between living and traveling is blurring—more flexibility in work, as well as pent up demand from the time we’ve spent staying at home due to the pandemic, mean people are shifting away from the mindset that traveling is a series of one-off trips and instead a lifestyle where you can spend time in different places of the world throughout the year. If people are traveling more frequently, that also means there should be a change in how people document and share their travels.

Breadcrumb is a wearable device that pairs with a mobile app. The Breadcrumb device can be worn as a pendant or bracelet, clipped to a garment or strap. To drop a ‘crumb,’ the user clicks once to log their current location and holds down to record a sound snippet, aided by the device’s built-in GPS unit and microphone. Crumbs are synced to the app, saved sequentially as a breadcrumb trail.
Hardware Design | Mobile UI/UX Design